Damon Nicholas grew up in the Fairfax/Annandale area of Northern Virginia, and attended Woodson High School. While playing basketball there, he learned both how to be a team player and how to be energetic yet fair with his competitors.These two skills have carried over well to Damon’s real estate career and have formed the foundation of his successful business philosophies. Damon graduated from the University of Virginia with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and thereafter developed careers in producing and managing software projects on a large scale for private enterprise as well as for the federal government. He has received almost every possible award for his outstanding contributions and achievement in these technical areas, including the coveted Gallatin Award. Damon entered the real estate field initially in 1985 as a part-time buyer’s agent, in order to share some of his wife Debbie’s workload from her growing real estate business in residential and custom-built estate homes. Damon dedicated himself full-time to real estate in 1990. He certainly found his niche in the real estate world, consistently receiving the highest honors from Coldwell Banker and the Northern Virginia Association of Realtors. Damon has been honored as one of the Top Five sales associates in Virginia for Coldwell Banker and most recently Damon Nicholas & The DamonSellsHomes Team rank 6th in Coldwell Banker’s Mid-Atlantic territory. Damon’s continued success lies in his special ability to thoroughly represent buyers and sellers in all price ranges, whether their need is $200,000 or $2,000,000. Damon enjoys spending time with his family and friends, as well as talking to and getting to know new people. For fun, he plays basketball and bridge, and he still gets a kick out of tinkering around with technology. Damon can attest to the quality of life, education and the multitude of opportunities available in Northern Virginia.



The success of The DamonSellsHomes Team comes from the vision & leadership of its founders over the last thirty years.

The first decade of Damon & Debbie Nicholas’ real estate business brought exceptional ethics-based training, keen development of geographical & sphere of influence service, many opportunities to fruitfully represent a highly diverse client base, and achievement among & respect of their most accomplished peers.

The second decade focused on integrated working relationships with other Realtors as well as understanding & refining the personalized marketing process. To benefit their clients and grow their business, they learned to use well-designed marketing vehicles. One is their website for instant client exposure to current housing inventory & access to valuable market information. They implemented the use of 4-color marketing vehicles to open doors by emitting their “friendship factor”, grabbing attention, piquing curiosity and instantly communicating an image of success, professionalism, style and continuing commitment. By using dynamic graphics, professional photography, high-quality paper, superior web-based positioning, and the guidance of premier advertising firms, they laid a firm foundation for serving their clients with zeal in the coming decade.

Their next natural step these last ten years was to develop more formal structure by incorporating & reorganizing to share years of experience & accomplishment with promising Realtors and have a group of finely-tuned administrative specialists support the business and help create a cheerful & welcoming personality for the team and clients alike. By creating The DamonSellsHomes Team, Damon and Debbie Nicholas have seen their demonstrated leadership inspire others to great success, a work ethic that goes beyond the call of duty, careful deliberation of all requests and business trends, acceptance and implementation of beneficial technological changes, tenacity that continues to break barriers, humility by admitting to & learning from errors, and the ability to maintain the highest standards in our industry.

As these and many more business-building, team-building, systems management and brand-recognition-building skills have been sown, grown and replicated into the lives of clients and team participants, a harvest of goodwill continues.


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